Green Monorail Destinations: A Travel Blog

If you’ve always wanted to experience the magic of seeing Cinderella Castle in person or seek the thrill of riding Space Mountain alongside a loved one, but immediately get overwhelmed with the idea of planning a Disney vacation, Green Monorail is here to make it easier. My main motto is that a Disney vacation should never be a stressful experience. You should be able to invest time and money in a wonderful getaway, share memories with your friends and family, and not pull your hair out in the wake of it. In truth, planning a Disney vacation should be FUN. I sound insane, right?

I’ve spent years in the travel industry, first as a Disney Cast Member and then as a full-time employee with Holland America Cruise Line. Now I’m a trained Travel Agent and Disney Travel Planner with a certificate from the Disney College of Knowledge. Not to mention a Disney veteran, having visited Disneyland and Disney World more times than I can count. My mission is to share my extensive Disney knowledge so more people can experience the parks with less stress and more fun!

Secondly, I think it’s important to be transparent about the fact that I am indeed, a twenty-something with no kids. This means I don’t have too much advice on what it’s like to bring toddlers to a theme park. What this also means is that I have a wealth of knowledge on what parents can do to enjoy their vacation as much as their kids do. And of course, how couples, solo travelers, and groups of friends can enjoy a Disney vacation with no kids whatsoever. I promise you Disneyland and Disney World ain’t just for kids anymore!

To give you an idea of what my blog can offer, visit Disney World After Dark: Dining & Entertainment for Night Owls, 8 Ways to Alleviate Stress on Your Disney Vacation, and Disneyland for Adults: The Complete Guide. This will help you get acquainted with the blog and start generating ideas for your next Disney vacay!

Mission Statement: Green Monorail Destinations is dedicated to stress-free vacations for the young-at-heart. We provide this by offering planning advice, tips, and activities that add a little whimsy to your vacations and staycations.