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Disney Dining Dress Code Tips

There are a few Signature Restaurants that require dress codes for dining. In my experience, Disney doesn’t strictly enforce the rules, but if you’re worried about them cracking down on…

There are a few Signature Restaurants that require dress codes for dining. In my experience, Disney doesn’t strictly enforce the rules, but if you’re worried about them cracking down on your attire here are some guidelines.

The Grey Stuff (it’s delicious!) from Be Our Guest

First of all, here are the guidelines listed on

In order to preserve the atmosphere of this dining experience, Guests are asked to adhere to our dress code.

Appropriate attire for men includes khakis, slacks, jeans, dress shorts and collared shirts; appropriate attire for women includes capris, skirts, dresses, jeans and dress shorts.

Attire that will not be permitted includes tank tops or hats for gentleman, swimwear, cut-offs or torn clothing. In addition, while T-shirts are allowed, T-shirts featuring offensive language and/or graphics are not.

As you can see, you don’t have to dress in a formal evening gown to adhere to these guidelines, unless you really want to. This goes for most restaurants that require dress codes, excluding Victoria and Albert’s which has a stricter guideline:

Guests must wear proper attire.

Men must wear dinner jackets with dress pants or slacks and shoes. Ties are optional. Women may wear a cocktail dress, nice dress, dressy pantsuit or a skirt with a blouse.

Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops or tennis shoes are not permitted.


The newly opened Disney Springs restaurant and cabaret, The Edison is now requesting a dress code for its nightly entertainment. Starting at 10:00 pm each night, the restaurant undergoes a transformation to a “nightclub atmosphere” and guests are encouraged to wear slacks, dress shoes, and collard shirts. However, they won’t turn you away if you’ve put some effort in and look put together. Before 10:00 pm there are no dress codes.

Tips for Dressing Under the Guidelines:

Some Signature Restaurants do not require a dress code, but they do offer the same dining experience as those that do. For instance, Todd English’s bluezoo doesn’t say they have a dress code, but it is very much a fine-dining experience. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to dress up for these restaurants. Personally, I err on the casual side when dining at Disney since it’s still a park atmosphere, after all.  Others like to be aware of the guidelines, in case they feel uncomfortable wearing a t-shirt in a fine dining setting.

  • Comfortable Clothing: Unless you plan on using your reservation for a fancy date, it’s best to wear something versatile for fun in the parks as well. Don’t be afraid to wear a nice pair of shorts and a comfortable button-up/blouse. You don’t have to worry about having an entire costume change from parks to restaurants.
  • Shoes:  No matter where you’re dining, you’ll want to wear shoes that you can walk in. Most, if not all, Disney restaurants require a bit of walking or extended transportation to get there. For instance, if you’re not driving or taking a Lyft to Grand Floridian, you’ll have to take a bus to Magic Kingdom, then a monorail to the resort. For style, Tiek’s are a popular traveling flat that is also built for comfort and support.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Conditions: Florida weather is unpredictable with roaring thunderstorms one minute and oppressive heat the next. If you’re traveling during hurricane season, it’s advisable to carry a poncho or rain jacket. You don’t want to mess up the one nice shirt you packed. And no one likes walking around in wet clothes. This is especially true if you’re heading inside to a nicely air-conditioned restaurant. That being said, if you’re wearing light clothing to your reservation, you might consider carrying a light sweater indoors as well.

Restaurants That Request a Dress Code:

  • California Grill- Contemporary
  • Jiko-Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Monsieur Paul-French Pavilion, Epcot
  • Artist Point-Wilderness Lodge
  • Victoria & Alberts-Grand Floridian
  • Narcoossee’s-Grand Floridian
  • Citricos-Grand Floridian
  • Flying Fish Cafe-BoardWalk
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse-Yacht Club

Whether you’re suited up or wearing blue jeans, Disney won’t stop the money from flowing in so I wouldn’t put too much thought into what you wear. It seems that the guidelines are only set to give you an expectation of the dining atmosphere. Some people feel embarrassed if they show up in tank tops and blue jeans at The Flying Fish Cafe, thinking it has the atmosphere of the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre. Others won’t care about the attire at all. As I’ve said before, it’s all up to your level of comfort!


If you’re interested in more tips & tricks regarding dining reservations, feel free to fill out the free quote form here. I’m happy to schedule and book your vacation!

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Disney World After Dark: Dining & Entertainment for Night Owls

“Raging nightlife” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Disney. But just because it’s Disney, doesn’t mean it’s for early risers. When the sun goes…

Disney After Dark: Everything you can do in Disney World after the sun goes down! #disneyworld #disney #nightlife

“Raging nightlife” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Disney. But just because it’s Disney, doesn’t mean it’s for early risers. When the sun goes down and most of the other guests are heading out, you can keep the party going with a variety of activities. I’m not saying this is Las Vegas, but you do have some options if you’re hopped up on Dole Whips at 9:00 pm.

I used to be a magic morning kinda girl, but lately, I’ve found that going into the parks later in the afternoon and staying all the way until close is something I can get used to. The other option is to go early for park opening, leave for most of the afternoon then return for more fun. Whatever your preference, there’s a lot to do at night in the parks and resorts.

The hours and times I’ve listed may vary, so always double-check park and dining hours on before making plans. Also, dining closing hours means they will seat you until those closing hours, but won’t kick you out until you’ve finished your meal. Just, try not to take too much advantage of coming in right at closing. Servers gotta sleep too!  Later reservations are much easier to get, as opposed to dining around the typical dinner hour of 5:00-7:00 pm as well.


Disney Springs

Let’s start with the obvious place to stay up late. They’ve been trying their darndest to appeal to young 20 something’s in this area for years and I think they’re finally getting around to it. Most restaurants and shops and are open until 11:00 PM (and later) and the Starbucks is open until midnight to keep yourself from falling asleep.  There’s always excitement happening at Springs like live “street” performers and other artists scattered about. It’s my favorite place to go on our first night in town since you don’t have to pay to get in.

The Edison: Open until 1:00 am. This swanky bar/lounge/cabaret/nightclub/restaurant just opened this year and people are loving its nighttime entertainment. The live band, dancers, and singers begin their big band era show around 10:00 pm. On Thursdays through Sundays they charge a cover of $10 after 10:00 as well.  After 10:00 pm the restaurant becomes 21 and over and a “venue-appropriate” dress code is requested. You can read about Disney Dress Codes on my post here.

Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar: Open until midnight. The Tunnel Bar is Maria and Enzo’s counterpart lounge. It has a prohibition-era speakeasy theme where you enter through an unmarked door into a dark “tunnel” restaurant. They serve cocktails, small plates, and full meals in an “underground” bar. Very cool little spot to grab a drink before heading over to The Edison for some dancing.

Star Wars–Secrets of the Empire Hyper-Reality Experience: Open until 10:45 pm. This experience opened recently in Disney World and just opened at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney as well. Your chosen team is sent undercover to achieve a mission for the rebellion where you’ll interact with sets and experience sensory and immersive technology.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, but have been warned that if you are claustrophobic or experience vertigo, you should avoid it. This is for ages 10+ and is 29.95 per person.

Splitsville: If you’re taking a break from the parks, Splitsville is a great place to hang out. There’s a bowling alley food, frozen drinks, and creative martinis served until 12:30. You should really reserve a lane ahead of time if you plan on bowling, just to be safe. Odd Tip: They say the sushi is really good here. Who knew I could trust sushi from a bowling alley? Lane reservations go as late as 11:45 and the alley is open until 1:00 AM.

AMC Dine-In Theatre: This movie theatre has undergone quite the transformation since I was a Cast Member. A full menu is available with options like cheeseburgers, desserts, even cocktails. When you’re low on popcorn, press a button and *poof* your server appears without you getting up in the middle of the movie. Great idea for an evening flick!

House of Blues: Ah yes, the old standby. House of Blues is still rockin’ after all these years and all the transformations. Check the schedule here to see when the live concerts will be taking place at this venue.

Bongos Cuban Cafe: Open until 2:00 am. The rumors have started that Bongo’s will soon be another casualty in the renovations.  There’s still time to visit this happening venue! On Friday and Saturdays, they have a live band play with dancing. It’s like a nonstop party over there.

Raglan Road-Irish Pub and Restaurant: Fish n’ Chips, live music, and traditional Irish dancing until 1:00 AM. The lively venue pays homage to Disney Spring’s wilder years and is madly popular among the younger Cast Members. A great place to have a pint and let loose.

Here are a few honorable mentions for getting a late meal. You can find the full list of restaurants at

The BoardWalk

Now that Pleasure Island has transformed into an upscale shopping district (Disney Springs), I think it’s time for The Boardwalk to get a facelift as well. They haven’t had any major developments like the other parks or resorts and they’re definitely due. That being said, there are two adult-only venues and a couple dining options open late.

Jellyrolls: Open until 2:00 am. Jellyrolls is a dueling piano bar that’s been around for a while and still a favorite for some. Doors open at 7:00 pm so if you plan on getting a table, I advise going when they open. They do charge a cover charge of $12.

Atlantic Dance Hall: Open until 2:00 am. This top 40’s dance hall has a balcony with a beautiful view of the lake where you can cool off after shaking your tail feathers. There’s no cover charge, but it is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Pizza Window: Open until midnight. Between dance breaks stop by the infamous Pizza Window. It has some outside seating and serves beer and Sangria as well. Nothing like pizza under the stars on a warm Florida night!

BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas: Open until midnight. This is a little outdoor shack that serves margaritas outside. Pizza and margs, anyone?

Late-Night Eats That Close after 10:00 pm for The BoardWalk

The Resorts

Disney After Dark: Everything you can do in Disney World after the sun goes down! #disneyworld #disney #nightlife

Grand Floridian Resort

24 Hour Dining: Speaking of midnight snacks, there are three restaurants open 24 hours on property.

  • Gasparilla Island Grill at Grand Floridian is a quick service spot serving pizza all night long.
  • Picabu at the Dolphin Hotel serves a take-and-go assortment of desserts and snacks.
  • Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian serves bakery items and some small snacks late at night.

Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Disney’s only nighttime tour and probably the coolest. You’ll be guided through the “Savannah” at Animal Kingdom Lodge to view their wildlife after dark. Everyone is provided night vision goggles to get the full experience of seeing a giraffe or zebra after dark. Once exclusive to resort guests, now open to all. The tours start around 8:30 and 10:00 at night. If you go on any VIP tours, try this one!

Stroll Along a Scenic Trail: There are many jogging trails scattered throughout resort properties, but my favorite is the trail connecting the Polynesian and Grand Floridian. An ideal evening would be to take in the live jazz band at Mizner’s Lounge then head outside for a leisurely evening walk. It trails near the Seven Seas Lagoon and passes by the wedding pavilion at Grand Floridian. Once at the Polynesian you’ll get the perfect view of Cinderella’s castle in the distance. Can you smell the warm, evening air?

Grab a Drink: Disney resort lounges are usually stocked with full-service food menus from the restaurants attached to them. All are first-come, first-serve so you don’t have to worry about making a reservation. My favorite is probably Mizner’s Lounge at Grand Floridian.

P.S. Most resort food courts are open until 11:00 PM and there’s always Disney’s pizza delivery if you want to keep the party hopping. Although, I might suggest ordering Pizza Hut. Disney pizza isn’t great.

The Parks

Disney After Dark: Everything you can do in Disney World after the sun goes down! #disneyworld #disney #nightlife

Epcot at sunset

Disney has been good about offering some late night activities in the parks for those of us who are not rope drop people. Every year they’re adding something new to stretch out the magic all day and into the wee hours of the night.

Extra Evening Hours: Extra Magic Hours doesn’t always mean up-at-the-crack-of-dawn hours. On certain nights, the parks will stay open for a few hours after close, meant for guests staying at an onsite Disney resort. Check the calendar to see which park is honoring it the week you are there.  Fair warning, the park may still be busy during the late hours, but it’s a good option.

Disney After Hours: This one is definitely less advertised than the holiday parties and definitely less crowded. Between January and March of 2018, they are leaving the park open for an extra 3 hours in the Magic Kingdom. 25 attractions are left open and because there is a limited amount of tickets, lines are super short. The price is about the same as one day’s admission-$119. If you want to do this exclusive event you can find tickets for sale here.

Magic Kingdom:

The good thing about the Magic Kingdom is that it’s usually open until midnight unless it’s non-peak season and by that time you’re probably pooped from all the magic. But if you stick around long enough you get to experience the “Kiss Goodnight.” Which is the exit message and music from Mickey and friends when the park is nearing close. It’s a perfect time to take in the Disney atmosphere and get the perfect castle picture with fewer crowds.

  • Shop on Main Street: Main Street shops are open a little past park closing hours. I like to use this time to pick up souvenirs because the crowds are thinner and I don’t have to spend the rest of the day carrying them around. Also, you really can’t beat an empty Main Street U.S.A at midnight.
  • Dessert Parties: Magic Kingdom has a lot of dessert parties and most of them take place during the fireworks. One takes place in Tomorrowland, another takes place in the plaza, and others take place on your very own cruise. This is probably the coolest way to view the fireworks. This experience is right up there with a viewing at the Top of the World Lounge at the Contemporary Resort.
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: If you are visiting during the holiday season, these are must-do events. Both offer special parades, shows, merchandise, and rare character experiences. And they keep the parks open until midnight in the fall. They were created to help drag in some profit during the off-season and they are quickly becoming the busiest times to go. I suggest going mid-September or the last week of November to attempt to avoid the crowds.


Most, if not all, restaurants and food kiosks are open until 9:00 pm at Epcot. If you’re willing to skip Illuminations or go for a quick service option in lieu of a table service, you can actually get quite a bit done later in the day here.

  • Festivals at Epcot: I suggest visiting during one of their festivals like Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, or Festival of the Arts. They always have unique food and entertainment and the food kiosks are also typically open until 9:00 pm.
  • Proximity to The BoardWalk: World Showcase is located 5 minutes from The BoardWalk! Head over to the parks for dinner and Illuminations and then keep the party going with some dancing at The BoardWalk. Sounds like the perfect evening to me!

Hollywood Studios:

Studios is undergoing major refurbishments as they prepare for Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) and Toy Story Land coming in the next couple years. Unfortunately, that means there is far less to do in the evening hours. BUT, I do have a few suggestions for nighttime entertainment at the park while it gets a makeover.

  • Fantasmic! Dining Package: This is my favorite evening show! Like I said, the dining and dessert packages are the way to go. The Brown Derby is my suggestion for this dining package. They’ve got some great cocktails! If you don’t want to do a table service and there are two shows, I always suggest seeing the second show. The crowds will have died down and you’ll have more time for dinner and attractions.
  • Ride Tower of Terror at Night: I know, I’m really reaching here. However, if you’ve never ridden Tower of Terror at night, it’s really pretty cool. The evening ambiance adds to the eerie queue which guides you to the spooky lobby.
  • Take the boat!: After you’ve gotten your fill of Hollywood Studios, take the boat over to the BoardWalk area. The Dolphin and Swan Resort are also in the vicinity which offers places like Kimonos for nightly karaoke!

Animal Kingdom:

Even if it’s not open terribly late, Pandora-World of Avatar was meant to be seen at night. The bioluminescent lighting and Avatar “landscapes” look incredible in the evening. Last summer, Animal Kingdom was open until 10:00 pm most nights and sometimes 11:00 pm, without extra evening hours. And don’t forget to catch Rivers of Light, the new water and light show, playing most nights at the amphitheater. Unfortunately, Animal Kingdom doesn’t have too many dining spots open past 8:00 pm due to it closing earlier than others. For evening eats I suggest Tiffins, Yak & Yeti, Nomad Lounge, and Satu’li Canteen (quick service). Rainforest Cafe is open a little later than the others, but the food isn’t quite worth it.

I did my best to keep the list concise, but there really is a lot to do at night in and around the parks! What’s your favorite thing to do late at night on property? Mine would have to be watching the fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian Resort. So relaxing! Goodnight, night owls!

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Disney World’s Christmas Party Pumpkin Spice Waffle Copycat!

The Pumpkin Spice Waffle is a favorite at the Christmas Party. If you can’t make it to the parks this season, this treat will help ease the pain a bit….

The Pumpkin Spice Waffle is a favorite at the Christmas Party. If you can’t make it to the parks this season, this treat will help ease the pain a bit. I’m also one of those people who really get into the pumpkin spiced trend. Call me basic! I don’t care because this recreation of the popular dessert from Disney World makes me and other Disney fans feel right at home. Also, someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, like most others, I wanted it to find a simple way to enjoy it. I tried some recipes and instant mixes, but rumor has it that the waffle mix I ended up using is the actual mix they use in the parks.  Can’t get much more authentic than that! It’s a simple recipe you can make with kids or on Christmas morning without it being a stressful activity.  If you don’t have a waffle maker, you can make a pancake version instead. But, if you’re in the market for one, the mini Mickey waffle maker I got worked really well. Pair this festive sweet with one of the Disney holiday movies like I suggested in my blog here. Here are some suggestions for recreating this yummy treat.

The Essentials:
  • Waffle Maker
  • Pumpkin Spice Waffle Batter
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Sprinkles
  • Added Bonus: Mickey Mug and a Mickey Waffle Maker! Review of the waffle maker below!

Adorable Mickey Holiday Mug from the Disney Store

Waffles: You have a couple choices here, ranging from super simple to more labor intensive. I’ll start with my favorite.

  • Carbon’s Golden Malted Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Flour: I did some research and found multiple claims that this is the real mix they use in the parks. After having a taste, I’d have to agree with them. And it’s very simple to make! All you need is an egg and butter to complete the mix. Although, I highly suggest adding about 1/4 cup of sugar and about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Extract. The mix is a little bland for my taste and adding the sugar and pumpkin spice extract made it absolutely perfect. Find it on Amazon here

  • Other Pumpkin Spice Waffle and Pancake Mixes: For other instant mixes, I highly recommend the Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix from Williams Sonoma. Another trusted mix is My Favorite Pancake Mix. Both are super low maintenance and affordable.
  • Bake it from Scratch: If you love doing things homemade, there are some fantastic pumpkin spice waffle recipes online. Here’s a great pumpkin waffle recipe from Cooking Classy.
  • Frozen Waffles: If you’re far too busy for any of the above, some toaster waffles have seasonal offerings like Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Spice Waffles or even Eggo’s.

Two Mickey Waffles on a Christmas plate


Wilton’s Holiday Sprinkles is the classic brand that Disney uses and they’re pretty cheap on Amazon. I bought the combination pack with 6 different types of sprinkles then used the confetti and trees here. Save the rest for sugar cookie decorations! Add some Pumpkin Pie Extract for extra pumpkin spice goodness.

Ice Cream:

  • Vanilla Bean is the flavor they use at the parties, but feel free to get creative here. Try flavors that compliment the spices like chocolate or coffee ice cream. I used Snoqualmie Ice Cream because it’s local to Washington. My favorite brand is Tillamook. Super creamy and delicious!

Sifted Powdered Sugar: Obviously any brand will do here. You can also top off your creation with some cinnamon and cardamom to make it extra pumpkin spice-y!

Added Bonus!
Hot Cocoa Mug: I’m a big collector of Disney mugs. And this one combines my two favorite things: Mickey and Christmas. They’re selling it in the parks and on


Backside of the adorable Holiday Mug from the Disney Store


Waffle Maker: I found this on Amazon for only 15.00, so I bought it on an impulse. It’s the cutest waffle maker on the planet so I was hoping the quality of the waffles would match the design. Mickey did not disappoint. The waffles are thick, fluffy, and evenly baked. Only takes about 5 minutes to make a waffle too! I was weary at first, but I liked it even more than my heavy duty Oster waffle maker. 

The cutest Mickey Waffle Maker!

Well, there it is! You’re very own slice of Disney all wrapped up in holiday goodness. Snuggle up with a blanket and a friend,  turn on A Muppet Christmas Carol, and have at it! Go crazy and grab a pumpkin spiced eggnog while you’re enjoying it. Happy holidays, everyone!



Disney World Christmas Party Waffle



Missing the holiday season at Disney World? Fill out the quote form and we’ll work with you on booking your next magical vacation!

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Disney World Snacks That Give You a Pep in Your Step

Wandering around for hours in the humid Florida sun can be exhausting. One is to become irrevocably irritable in a matter of moments. The best way to keep a sour…

Wandering around for hours in the humid Florida sun can be exhausting. One is to become irrevocably irritable in a matter of moments. The best way to keep a sour attitude at bay is by staying nourished and rested. Sometimes that means a piece of fresh fruit. Sometimes it means adding an extra shot of espresso into your Grande Vanilla Latte. Whatever your vice, rest assured there are plenty of snacks that are sure to cure the rumblies and make you feel slightly more chipper. I mixed in some healthy and more indulgent choices for your preference!

Note: Locations of these snacks can sometimes be elusive so keep your eyes peeled when searching for a pick-me-up! I’ve suggested places where you may find these tasty treats.

Water: I know, I know. Duh! But, I can’t stress how important this “snack” is. The humid Florida air will drain you completely if you’re not properly hydrated. It is essential that you drink plenty water and fuel up on liquids with electrolytes. I suggest buying a concentrate like Mio to drop into your bottle.  If you want to last until the fireworks, heed my advice!

Found at: Use a snack credit for a bottle of water anywhere it is sold. Cups of water are given for free at most quick service locations.

Warm Cinnamon Glazed Nuts: The delicious aroma due to these warm, cinnamon-glazed nuts are notorious around the parks. They come wrapped up in a paper cone, so they’re perfect to eat while you wait in line. They may not be completely healthy, but at least you’re getting some nut-protein in your system. And fun fact: they’re vegan!

Found at: Multiple food carts around the parks. Adventureland Nut Cart is my favorite snack hub. Also rumored to have them: Fantasmic Amphitheater, Drinkwallah in Pandora, Future World Nut Car in Epcot, Tomorrowland Popcorn Cart, Storybook Circus Popcorn Cart, among other carts scattered about.



Fruits and Veggies: Disney has made an effort to add healthier snacks to their quick service carts and restaurants. Making it easier to find fresh fruit and veggies around the parks.

At the Garden Kiosk in Animal Kingdom, you can talk with a Cast Member about your dietary restrictions and provide restaurants recommendations. They sell some organic and gluten-free products and even have vegan cupcakes!

Found at: The places with the healthiest snacks are The Land Cart in Epcot, Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom, Liberty Square Market in Magic Kingdom, Landscape of Flavors in Epcot, and Anaheim Produce in Hollywood Studios.

Corn on the Cob: Liberty Square Market grills fresh, sweet corn all day long. It’s hard to miss that smoky, summer smell wafting down the path. You can dress your freshly gri corn with seasonings like Italian, Lemon Pepper, Jamaican Jerk, or Curry Spice. Packed with enough crunch and saltiness to make you feel satisfied!

Found at: Liberty Square Market and Harambe Fruit Market


Me looking far too cool in this giant, comfy Gaston chair.

Gaston’s Tavern: The tavern has a variety of snacks that are healthy and/or refreshing. The hummus with chips is a hearty choice that help will tide you over until dinner. And, Lefou’s Brew (frozen apple juice flavored with marshmallow and a passion fruit froth) is a rival to Harry Potter’s Butter Beer. (I know, blasphemy!)

Found at: Fantasyland. Other places that have hummus and sides are The Land Cart and Intermission Food Court.



Dole Whip Float: The infamous pineapple soft-serve is little lighter than ice cream with a good kick of sugar and citrus to boost your energy. Make it a float and the pineapple juice will quench your thirst and pump you up! Make it a double with a shot of rum at Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom. That would be more of a “winding down” snack, but I thought ya’ll need to know this important tip. P.S. Did you know Dole Whips are vegan?

Found at: Aloha Isle (Magic Kingdom), Pineapple Lanai (Polynesian), Refreshment Port (Epcot-World Showcase), Tamu Tamu (Animal Kingdom)

Pineapple Spear: If you want to avoid the artificial sugars of a Dole Whip, you can indulge in a fresh-cut pineapple spear. The spears are always juicy, cold, and perfectly delicious. It will energize, rejuvenate, and get you ready for that 3rd ride on Big Thunder Mountain

Found at: Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom and Harambe Fruit Market



CC by Joel

Fresh Fruit Smoothies: Fruit smoothies can be found many places around the parks. Joffrey’s Handcrafted Smoothies at Disney Springs offers an extensive menu of flavors (even coffee with Kahlua). Also, Joy of Tea in the Japanese Pavilion at Epcot offers a unique Strawberry Oolong or Mango Green Tea Smoothie. The caffeinated green tea and fruit mixture is sure to make you feel awake and nourished.

Found at: Many places! Contemporary Grounds, Café Rix,  Auntie Gravities, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea at The Landing, Lotus Blossom Café (China), Oasis Morocco Beverages (Morroco-Epcot), Joffrey’s Handcrafted Smoothies, Fountain Eats and Sweets (Future World-Epcot), Trolley Car Café (Hollywood Studios), Coca-Cola Store (Disney Springs)

Power Pack: One of the best ways to find something that isn’t loaded with sugar is to look at the kid’s menus. They usually offer something with nutritional value on these menus. For instance, the egg-white omelet served with fruit and juice at Landscape of Flavors in Epcot. The Power Packs are a balanced and hearty, usually complete with yogurt, apple wedges, carrots, goldfish, snack bar, and choice of water or milk.

Found at: ABC Commissary (Hollywood Studios), Backlot Express (Hollywood Studios), PizzeRizzo (Hollywood Studios), and Rosie’s All-Amerian Café (Hollywood Studios), Grab n’ Go counter at Contempo Café (Contemporary Resort)


Frozen Banana: A giant banana saturated with chocolate and hazelnuts, frozen to perfection. Ok, so the banana is no longer a healthy snack once dunked in sugar, but the treat is quite filling and at least it’s not as heavy as say, a churro. The fact that it’s frozen helps keep the chocolate from melting away in your hands, so you can nibble on it while waiting in line at the Jungle Cruise. Which, by the way, is always the hottest cue in the park.

Found at: Basically any ice cream cart you lay your eyes on. They’re everywhere!

Shaved Ice: Shaved ice has the consistency of eating a pile of clean snow, flavored with your favorite fruits. This is the perfect treat to bury yourself in on a scorching summer’s day. They give you a huge helping so they’re great for sharing too. Mix and match with flavors like Strawberry, Melon, Tangerine, or Rainbow (ALL THE FLAVORS!)

Found at: Kabuki Café (Japan Pavilion at Epcot) and Florida Snow Company (Disney Springs). Other locations like Prince Eric’s Village Market and Harambe Market have a version of shaved ice as well. However, the texture is chunkier and not as light and frosty as Kabuki.

I can’t get enough of the “You Are Here Mugs” sold at the park’s Starbucks!

Starbucks: Now that Disney has partnered with Starbucks, we can all indulge in our favorite lattes and teas. They also offer the same variety of healthy snacks that you’d find in your neighborhood Starbucks like boiled eggs, salads, and muffins to name a few. You might find some unique options like the Rivers of Light cupcake that might help lift your Disney spirits.

Found at: Every park has a Starbuck’s, but they all go under pseudonyms to help blend in with the park’s atmosphere. Magic Kingdom: Main Street Bakery, Epcot: Fountain View, Animal Kingdom: Creature Comforts, and Hollywood Studios: Trolley Car.


Joffrey’s Coffee: I actually prefer Joffrey’s to Starbucks, myself. I’m a Seattleite so I like the beans to be freshly roasted. (Yeah, I’m a total snob) Although the beans may not be fresh out of the ground, the coffee tastes fresher than Starbucks, so I enjoy that. They also have specific roasts for certain restaurants in the park. My favorite is the Kona blend at the Polynesian Resort. And, you can order it to be delivered straight to your home. A tasty reminder of your time in the park.

Found at: Pretty much anywhere in the parks!


Ghirardelli’s Sundaes: Sue me! Sometimes the best way to boost your mood is to treat yo’ self. I’m not saying eat cupcakes all day, every day. It’s just that chocolate is an antioxidant so it’s beneficial sometimes! Or maybe that’s just something I tell myself when I’m drowning myself in a sundae. Either way, you’re at Disney, and this is where all your chocolatey dreams come true!

Found at: Disney Springs

(Don’t be fooled. This isn’t at the Rooftop Bar.)

Bonus: Check out Disney Springs  Coca-Cola Store and Rooftop Bar. Because what’s more refreshing than a glass of coke and a rooftop view?

Despite the fact that everything I listed here is delicious, it’s also extremely important to keep yourself nourished and hydrated. Of course, it’s important to fill up more on the healthy snacks and water, while reserving the Dole Whips for sparing indulgences. Either way, it’s Disney and it’s important to take care of yourself throughout your vacation. Don’t want to burn out early and miss out on the magic!


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