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Adorable Junk Food Clothing Line at Target is Perfect for a Disney Vacation

Despite being reported on various fashion blogs, I didn’t find out about Junk Food’s new Disney line at Target until I wandered into one this afternoon. The clothes are way too…

Despite being reported on various fashion blogs, I didn’t find out about Junk Food’s new Disney line at Target until I wandered into one this afternoon. The clothes are way too adorable and perfect purchases to gear up for a summer vacation! Comfy vintage-inspired Disney wear is perfect for my age group. A generation infatuated by the nostalgic early years (even if we weren’t born yet) mashed up with our childhood memories of snuggling up with a Disney VHS. This particular line is perfect for a Disney vacation. Obviously due to it’s theming, but also because the clothes are lightweight and comfortable. Two extremely important factors when dressing for a day in the parks. I wanted to go all out and get the Mickey shoes, but I held myself back and budgeted for a couple new shirts and the absolutely precious Mickey capris. The best thing about these new products is that everything is fairly cheap and good quality, typical for Target items. If you love this stuff as much as I do, I’ve placed links to the products throughout the post!

The first outfit features the Mickey Mouse blush shirt. You can’t see it here, but it has a retro-esque rainbow on the back. It reminds me of the 80’s rainbow outfits Mickey and Minnie used to wear at Epcot. The sunglasses, sun hat, and sandals are all from Target too. Can you tell where all my money goes? Target has a wide variety of the rose gold glasses, complementary to the infamous rose gold Minnie ears as well!

Pink Mickey Mouse Shirt by Junk Food and Denim Capris Pants with a pink sun hat and sunglasses from Target on a deck

Shop This Look

Mickey Mouse Chambray Tie-Front Pants

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Blush Shirt

Rose Gold Cateye Sunglasses

Lavinia Toe Wrap Sandals 

Mickey Mouse Embroidered Straw Hat (Not pictured, but adorable)

The next purchase I made was the understated “Follow the Sun” tank that ties in the front and the Mickey bobby pins that you can just barely see in the photo. Both purchases are great for the “everyday outfit” when you don’t want to shout from the rooftops that you are a Disney fanatic.

Follow the Sun Mickey Shirt with Denim Pants and Rose Gold Sunglasses by Junk Food Clothing Line from Target

Shop This Look

Follow the Sun Tie-Front Tank

Mickey Mouse Bobby Pins: Available in store, not on

Silver Minnie Mouse Ears: Shop Disney

Ukele Not Included 😉

The “Love Mickey” line also features dishware, camping gear, pet gear, and bathroom products. There were even some cosmetics branded with the Disney name, although, those were less impressive. Most of this stuff costs as low as $5 and it’s way too cute! My favorite is the Steamboat Willie inner tube. Although, judging from the dimensions, it looks kinda small.

Maybe it’s because I started binging Mad Men on Netflix this week, but I’ve become obsessed with the dapper aesthetic. The high-rise canvas capris with the waist tie belt are lightweight, perfect for the beginning of summer. Also, I’m not a natural in front of the camera, but it made me so happy to put on my Mickey pants and sit in the sun today, I had to take a pic. Being in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that when the sun decides to show itself, I get a little excited. Let me know in the comments if you pick up any of these cute finds!

 Adorable outfits from Target for your next Disney trip! #disney #summer #vacation

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Summer Vacay! Adorable outfits from Target for your next Disney trip! #disney #summer #vacation

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10 Cheap Disney Finds to Make Your Day a Little More Magical

I remember when my family would visit Disneyland our vacation wouldn’t even be over before we started feeling the Disney blues. One way to combat the sad feeling that your…

I remember when my family would visit Disneyland our vacation wouldn’t even be over before we started feeling the Disney blues. One way to combat the sad feeling that your vacation is over is to start planning your next vacation. Sometimes after spending all your money on churros you really can’t afford another vacation. If that’s the case, there are plenty of other things that will add a touch of magic to your day. I did some digging on Amazon and found some things that will kick the postpartum Disney depression and also won’t break the bank. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I own most of the things on this list!

Mickey Waffle Maker: This is my favorite Disney product available on Amazon. I used this waffle maker to create my Copycat Pumpkin Spice Mickey Waffles last Christmas and the appliance been holding up really well since then. The waffle is “child-sized,” so you’ll need to make two for yourself! Perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast.

Mini Mickey Waffle Maker from Amazon - Size Comparison

Disney Parks Presents: it’s a small world: The illustrations in this children’s book are inspired by Mary Blair’s animation and includes a singalong version of it’s a small world on a C.D. (What’s a C.D.??) This would be cute as a gift for a little one, or for a nursery…or for your own bookshelf.

it's a small world Picture Book with CD

Adult Coloring Books: I’m pretty partial to Disney Coloring Books for Adults. They’re a therapeutic way to pass the time and they come in hardback. Great for long road trips. Also, this isn’t Disney, but in the spirit of 90’s nostalgia, there’s a Splat-Nickelodeon color book that looks awesome as well. 

Disney Princess Art of Coloring Book and Colored Pencils with Sequin Mickey Ears and The Disneyland Story Book on a table

Disney Cookbook: If you’re going to buy a Disney cookbook then I highly recommend Eat Like Walt. This cookbook doesn’t just list copycat recipes, but also explores the history of Disney Park food with pictures and stories of Walt’s era. One of the best gifts you could give to a Disney foodie!

Eat Like Walt Cookbook by Marcy Smothers

Historical Disney Books: If you’re a huge Disnerd I suggest The Disneyland Story which tells the story of Disneyland from conception to what is today. And, if you’re willing to invest in a little Disney history, I also advise looking into Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation. It’s a beautiful coffee table book, telling the stories of the first female Animators at Disney.

Stack of Disney Historical Books -The Disneyland Story and Triumph of The American Imagination

Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker: I’m kinda pushing it as far pricing, but $35 ain’t bad for a good kitchen appliance. And if you’re gonna have a crockpot, you should definitely have a Disney/Pixar crockpot! These are a fairly new to Amazon and already very popular among Disney enthusiasts.

Pixar Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

Disney Park Guide Books: Guidebooks are fun to read whether you’re planning a vacation or not. They’re full of tips, tricks, pictures, hotel and dining reviews, so they’re perfect to conjure up a Disney daydream. The most thorough and reliable book is the Unofficial Guide.

Disney Planning Guide Books in a Stack on a Desk - Unofficial Guide to Disney World

Postcards: There’s something so personable about getting a piece of mail sent to you from a friend or a loved one. I send the Art of Disney/Pixar postcards to my clients to wish them well on their vacations because they’re so darn cute. Postcards also make great collectibles and artwork for around the house!

Art of Pixar Collectible Post Cards

Danielle Nicole Bags: Anything by Danielle Nicole is friggin’ adorable and most of the products sold in the parks are available on Amazon as well. But, not everything is what most of us would call “affordable.” She does have some small cosmetic bags for about $18.00, featuring the dwarfs. 

Seven Dwarfs Make-Up Bag by Danielle Nicole Mickey Tea Strainer: Are you ready for the cutest “Hidden Mickey” tea strainer ever? This is a Disney Parks official item, no longer available on and only sold by third-party sellers on Amazon. I can’t guarantee this item will always be available, but for the time being it’s there!

Disneyland Once Upon a Time Mug and Mickey Tea Strainers on a Tray of Cookies

It’s the middle of February and you’re longing for the Florida sun and a hug from your favorite mouse. Sometimes all you need is a Mickey mug and your favorite Disney movie. Add a Disney podcast to the mix and you’ll start feeling better in no time. I personally like to listen to the background music they play at the parks and read a good Disney history book. Whatever your preference is, it’s perfectly healthy to add a little pixie dust to your day…At least that’s what I tell myself.

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10 Affordable Disney Finds to Make Your Day a Little More Magical! Gift guide to coloring books, kitchen gadgets and Disney Park Guide Books found on Amazon!

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Top 9 Disney Guidebooks and E-Books To Help Plan Your Vacation

Go to any Disney Facebook group and ask the question “What’s the best hotel on Disney property?” You’ll most likely get about 30 different answers and become completely overwhelmed by…

Go to any Disney Facebook group and ask the question “What’s the best hotel on Disney property?” You’ll most likely get about 30 different answers and become completely overwhelmed by competing opinions. If you’d rather not use a Travel Agent and consider yourself a vacation DIYer, you might look to guides for help. There a quite a few blogs that offer their insight (like myself), but the most comprehensive and unbiased information you can find is from a guidebook. So, here’s a list of awesome Disney Guidebooks (and a couple eBooks) that helped me plan in the past and will hopefully help you too! Don’t worry about choosing the “right” one. Each suggested resource is just as beneficial as the next. You can click on my links below to find the books on Amazon!

P.S. I’ve only listed links for Disney World books, but most of these publishers write books for Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line as well. 

Guide Books

Stack of Disney Travel Guide Books with a To Do List and Magic Band

1) The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

This guidebook is referred to as the “Disney Bible” and is written by the same people who own and operate the reputable Every year, they come out with an updated version of their unofficial guides and every year they get better and more detailed. I started buying these books in 2012 and have purchased every new version since. The size of the book can be intimidating, but I treat it as an encyclopedia, rather than something I need to study cover-to-cover. 

Book Features:

  • 5-Star Ratings: Every attraction, show, restaurant, and resort is graded by a 5-star system. Restaurants are also divided by Quick-Service and Table Service, then described in detail and ranked by quality. Resorts, both on and off property, are treated the same and contact information is provided for all of them.
  • Packing tips and “bare necessities” like suggested credit cards to souvenir shopping, to where to find a gas station, it’s all there.
  • Advice for a spectrum of travel groups like Disney for seniors, Disney for toddlers, and how to entertain your teenager. 

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2019

Bonus: If you’re a true Disnerd, also read Unofficial Guide’s: The Disneyland Story. The story of Walt’s first conception of the park and how it evolved to the current form. I prefer listening to it on audible, but I also have the physical book for novelty reasons. 

2) Birnbaum’s 2018 Walt Disney World: The Official Guide

This is the only guidebook with Disney’s official stamp of approval. It’s also the most compact guide of all the books I suggest so, if you plan on packing it in your suitcase it won’t be quite as heavy.  This may sound juvenile, but I love this book because it has high-quality, colored photographs. It’s a fun guide to look through if you have kids, or if you’re a kid-at-heart, like me. And a great book to get you excited about your vacation! 

Birnbaum's Guide to Walt Disney World 2019

3) Frommer’s EasyGuide to Disney World 

Frommer’s is a trusted destination publisher that covers more than just Disney books. Their overviews are not quite as detailed as the Unofficial Guide and not quite as colorful as Birnbaum’s, but still very as useful. At this point, I would say buy it if you are partial to the Frommer’s brand.

Frommer's Guide to Disney World 2018

4) 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World

Lou Mongello is among the elite Disney experts out there. He creates Disney guidebooks, podcasts, and videos dealing with tips and history to enhance your vacation. Always well-researched and entertaining, his tips for budgeting for your vacation will help you immensely. It’s mostly targeted at first-time visitors, but I found a few tips to be helpful as well. 102 Things To Do at Walt Disney World At Least Once is also a joy to read.

102 Ways to Save Money For and at Disney World by Lou Mongello

5) Walt Disney World Dining Guide 2018

Making a dining reservation at Disney World has become one of the most difficult things to do when planning your vacation. Also, the restaurants on property are constantly being updated, replaced, or closed down completely. This can be both exciting and aggravating. The Dining Guide can be a really helpful resource when deciding where you’d like to eat and how to get those reservations. It’s also updated every year to keep up with Disney’s ever-changing restaurant venues.

Walt Disney World Dining Guide by Andrea Keech

6) Passporter’s Guide Walt Disney World 

Passporter’s has more general tips and guidance for the planning process, so if you’re looking for a categorical overview, it would be a good choice. Also, the structure of their planning binder actually makes planning fun! With the Trip Diary and pockets placed inside the book, you can keep all of your printables and resources in one place. 

7) The Hidden Mickey’s of Walt Disney World

If you’re not familiar with a Hidden Mickey, it’s the image of Mickey’s head hidden subtly by Imagineers around Disney property (and movies).  A sort of inside joke from Imagineers throughout the years. The book helps you seek out the Mickey’s hidden around the parks. This will help you pass the time while you’re waiting in line or taking a break!

Hidden Mickey's of Walt Disney World Book


I know I said to be wary of blogs, but there are two websites that I trust wholeheartedly. That’s Disney Food Blog and Disney Tourist Blog. Both of these offer eBooks that can be helpful as well.

8) Disney Food Blog Guides (eBook) 

Pretty much any restaurant and food item on property is reviewed on Disney Food Blog. Their eBook is beautifully done with photographs, four planning worksheets, updates on closures and refurbs and fun tips like the “trendiest bar” or “best hot dogs.” The other advantage of an eBook is that they have the ability to embed hyperlinks into the text. Not sure what a Mickey’s Premium Bar is? Click on the links inside the ebook and it will send you to a description. Pretty nifty. And if you’re already an expert, it’s fun to peruse for the sake of Disney daydreaming.  

9) Disney Tourist Blog (Website and eBooks) 

Money Saving Tips for Walt Disney World and Disney Tourist Blog Christmas 

Disney Tourist Blog is the first the Disney blog that I followed and they are constantly inspiring me to create a more beneficial blog for my readers. If you can’t find everything you’re looking for in a guidebook and prefer to book your own vacations, then you’ll find this website and their eBooks very helpful.

Bonus: Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation

I couldn’t resist promoting this book! It won’t help you plan your vacation, but if you’re a Disney buff, it’s a fascinating read. It will give you a profound respect for the Female Animators who reigned during Walt’s time. It is very large and heavy though, so I don’t think it will be a good book to read on your flight! 

Ink and Paint the Women of Walt Disney's Animation

These are the books and resources that shaped me into the Disney expert I am today. Since I’ve discovered them, I can plan a mean Disney itinerary like nobody’s business. Also, let me reiterate: you don’t have to read them all, so don’t be overwhelmed. Just find your favorite, make yourself a cup of tea, and start planning!

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A Guide to Disney World E-Books and Guide Books


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Pair a Disney Holiday Movie with a Holiday Treat!

What’s cozier than curling up with your favorite Disney holiday movie and a yummy holiday treat? Disney has the ability to produce that warm and fuzzy feeling in all their…

What’s cozier than curling up with your favorite Disney holiday movie and a yummy holiday treat? Disney has the ability to produce that warm and fuzzy feeling in all their movies. Now combine that with some holiday cheer and you have the ultimate cozy night in.  So let’s get in the spirit, eh? I’ve posted some recipes below I found on other blogs for inspiration!

1. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas | Hot Buttered Rum: Narrated by Kelsey Grammer, this is a heartwarming melange of classic stories told by our favorite characters. This is the perfect show to play in the background while you’re decorating the Christmas tree. It’s been on Netflix for a few years now along with the sequel, Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas. For a show that gives you all the warm fuzzies, it should be accompanied by a warm drink like a Hot Buttered Rum. Here’s a step-by-step recipe from The Kitchen is My Playground

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Hot Buttered Rum | The Kitchen is My Playground

2. I’ll Be Home for Christmas | Red and Green M&M’s: This nostalgic 90’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas film deserves to be complemented with red and green M&M’s, which also became popular during the 90’s. They’re still playing the classic M&M’s “They DO exist!” commercial to this day! Bonus: Red & Green Hershey kisses! Take a Christmas commercial break and slip into your P.J.’s. Be still my 90’s teenage heart!

I'll Be Home for Christmas | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

I’ll Be Home for Christmas | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Red and Green Christmas M&M's

3. Pluto’s Christmas Tree | Mulled Wine: This is a cozy classic cartoon that aired in 1952. It features classic Disney characters, so it only makes sense to match it with a classic Christmas drink. Mulled wine is the pinnacle of warmth and coziness. Combining cloves, cinnamon, oranges, and wine to make a picture-perfect holiday drink for a picture-perfect holiday cartoon. I tried Sweet & Savory’s mulled wine recipe last year and it was delicious.

You can watch Pluto’s Christmas Tree and other Disney shorts here!

Easy Mulled Wine | Sweet & Savory

Easy Mulled Wine | Sweet & Savory

4. Beauty and the Beast’s Enchanted Christmas | Madeleines: With actors like Angela Lansbury, Paige O’Hara, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters, this cast is stunning and the movie is highly underrated. The CGI is a little corny and outdated at times, but the music is actually quite good and probably the only Disney classic spin-off that I recommend to anyone. (Sorry Lion King 1 1/2!) Since Beauty and the Beast is set in France, it would be fun to make traditional french cookies, like madeleines or macarons. And holy cow, you should check out this recipe for Pumpkin Madeleines with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt from Fig and Bleu. I can’t wait to try it. Another (more laborious) option would be the cute and classic Chocolat Buche de Noel (a.k.a. Yule Log Cake).

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas | Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

Pumpkin Madeleines with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt | Fig & Bleu

Pumpkin Madeleines with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt | Fig & Bleu

5. The Santa Clause | Hot Chocolate: Another 90’s hit that we’ve all watched at least 30 times by now. And for good reason too. It’s one of the few holiday movies that have a good plot, great cast, good writing, and something you don’t mind watching every year. As a kid, I wished someday I’d have a CD (Cocoa Dispenser) in my car like the one Charlie installs in the sleigh. Until Tesla makes all my hot chocolate wishes come true, I suppose a homemade batch will do.

The Santa Clause | Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

Mickey Holiday Hot Cocoa

6. Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year | Baked Brie with Honey: Pooh Bear is very near and dear to my heart since I spent A LOT of time with him when I worked at Disney World. If you catch my drift. Of course, you can’t enjoy your favorite bear without a honey related treat! Brie with apples are my family’s favorite Christmas morning snack. Especially delicious is the kind wrapped in dough and drizzled with some honey. Check out this beautiful Honey Almond Baked Brie recipe from The Seasoned Mom. This adorable film is on Hulu and used to be available on Netflix, but they removed it last year. Oh, bother!

A Very Merry Pooh Year | Image Source: The Walt Disney Company

Honey Almond Baked Brie | The Seasoned Mom

7. Ernest Saves Christmas | Reindeer Poop: Remember that weird fad where we gave out poop related Christmas treats to our relatives? Back in the day, cocoa puffs were “reindeer poop” and marshmallows were considered “snowman poop.” In memory of the wacky Disney legend, Jim Varney (a.ka. Ernest and Slinky Dog from Toy Story), I say we bring that strange tradition back. You can go the extra mile and try these reindeer poop cookies from Life is Sweeter by Design. Although Ernest wasn’t produced by Disney, it is the first movie that was filmed in Disney World. Parts of the movie were filmed in Hollywood Studios, then known as MGM Studios!

Ernest Saves Chrismas

Ernest Saves Christmas | Image Source: Touchstone Pictures

Ernest Saves Christmas | Image Source: Touchstone Pictures

Reindeer Poop Cookies from Life is Sweeter by Design

8. The Muppet Christmas Carol | Magic Cookie Bars: Of all the Disney-made Christmas Carol interpretations, this one is my favorite. The music is absolutely fantastic and you can’t go wrong with Michael Caine as Scrooge. Jim Henson had a way of parodying classics without detracting from the story and making it accessible to both kids and adults. For this cheery musical, make an equally cheery treat like Magic Cookie Bars, combining all the yummy goodness of baked goods into one bar. Here’s an extra special Seven Layer Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar recipe made with the classic aforementioned red and green M&M’s from Love from the Oven. Ugh, they’re so beautiful!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures/Jim Henson Productions

Magic Cookie Bars | Love from the Oven

Magic Cookie Bars | Love from the Oven

9. The Magic of Christmas at Disneyland | Very Merry Christmas Party Pumpkin Spice Waffles: When I’m feeling the Disney blues, one of the best ways to get my fix is to watch a Disney Park special. This Magic of Christmas at Disneyland features the park rides and shows that were present in the 90’s. It’s also free on YouTube! There are newer Disney Christmas specials, like the parades they air every year on Christmas day. For these television specials, you can make the beloved pumpkin spice waffles they serve at Disney World’s Very Merry Christmas party. I recreated the dessert in an earlier post here.

10. Nightmare Before Christmas | Christmas Sangria: Disney really struck gold with this plotline. A movie that features both Halloween AND Christmas? They can rake in the dough by showing this movie continuously from October to December on Freeform. For this seemingly sinister yet cozy Christmas film, I’d opt for something classy with a twist, like Christmas sangria. Here’s a gorgeous Cranberry & Rosemary White Christmas Sangria from Jerry James Stone.

Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas | Image Source: Walt Disney Studios

Cranberry & Rosemary White Christmas Sangria | Jerry James Stone

Cranberry & Rosemary White Christmas Sangria | Jerry James Stone

11. Babes in Toyland | Divinity: As a musical theatre lover from a young age, I’ve always loved this film. A beautiful musical with ballet and a gorgeous score deserves a beautiful treat like divinity. The almost unbearable sweetness of divinity matches the unbearable sweetness of this 1960’s musical. The Domestic Rebel provides an “Easy Homemade Divinity Recipe” here.

Babes in Toyland | Image Source: Walt Disney Productions

Babes in Toyland | Image Source: Walt Disney Productions

Easy Homemade Divinity | The Domestic Rebel

Easy Homemade Divinity | The Domestic Rebel

12. Prep & Landing | Gingerbread Cookies: So, I’m not a huge fan of this movie. It was a bit past my childhood and I don’t think it holds up against the others. I won’t judge you if this happens to be you’re favorite though!  Anyway, the movie stars some high-tech elves who use their GBM’s, or, Gingerbread Men Scanners, to scan whether “creatures are stirring.” You can keep with the theme and make some gingerbread! Check out this cute replica of the gingerbread scanners from Disney Family.

Prep and Landing

Prep and Landing | Image Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Gingerbread Man Scanner CookiesGingerbread Men Scanner Cookies | Disney Family

13. ‘Twas the Night | Eggnog: Remember when Bryan Cranston did Disney original movies? As a throwback to when Cranston was taking any job that was offered to him, might as well do a throwback to the classic Christmas drink, eggnog. Try the 10-Minute Homemade Eggnog from Whole and Heavenly Oven! The full movie is available to rent on YouTube.

Twas the Night | Image Source: Buena Vista Television

Twas the Night | Image Source: Buena Vista Television

10 Minute Homemade Eggnog | Whole and Heavenly Oven

14. Frozen | Frozen Hot Chocolate: Fine. I’ll acknowledge the Frozen elephant in the room. I think most of the world is over this movie, but if you just can’t let it go, I suggest pairing this one with a frozen hot chocolate. This is especially suitable if you live somewhere close to the equator! Here’s an awesome and simple recipe from Fake Ginger.

Frozen | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Frozen | Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Frozen Hot Chocolate | Fake Ginger

Frozen Hot Chocolate | Fake Ginger

Ready for a snuggly night in? Grab your favorite blankie, a favorite treat, and take in a movie. The winter isn’t getting any warmer so why not warm yourself with a Disney classic and something delicious. What’s your favorite holiday treat? Leave it in the comments below!

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Disney World’s Christmas Party Pumpkin Spice Waffle Copycat!

The Pumpkin Spice Waffle is a favorite at the Christmas Party. If you can’t make it to the parks this season, this treat will help ease the pain a bit….

The Pumpkin Spice Waffle is a favorite at the Christmas Party. If you can’t make it to the parks this season, this treat will help ease the pain a bit. I’m also one of those people who really get into the pumpkin spiced trend. Call me basic! I don’t care because this recreation of the popular dessert from Disney World makes me and other Disney fans feel right at home. Also, someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, like most others, I wanted it to find a simple way to enjoy it. I tried some recipes and instant mixes, but rumor has it that the waffle mix I ended up using is the actual waffle mix they use in the parks.  Can’t get much more authentic than that! It’s a simple recipe you can make with kids or on Christmas morning without it being a stressful activity.  If you don’t have a waffle maker, you can make a pancake version instead. But, if you’re in the market for one, the mini Mickey waffle maker I got from Amazon worked really well. Make it an event and pair this festive sweet with one of the Disney holiday movies I suggested in my previous blog here!

The Essentials:

  1. Mickey Waffle Maker (or use your own!)
  2. Pumpkin Spice Waffle Batter
  3. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  4. Powdered Sugar
  5. Sprinkles
Christmas Mickey Mug with Hot Cocoa and Whipped Cream with Sprinkles on Top

Winter Mug from the

1) Waffles: You have a couple choices here, ranging from super simple instant mix to baking from scratch. Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Flour is my favorite because it’s the brand Disney uses. Unfortunately, they no longer sell this special flavor on Amazon, but they do have the plain flour which you can spice up with my suggestions below. You can also use the instant mix from Williams Sonoma which is already seasoned with pumpkin spices. If baking from scratch, here’s a recipe from Cooking Classy.

To make Carbon’s Waffle Mix taste like the holiday season add these ingredients:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin Spice Extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  • A dash or two of Allspice
  • 1/4 cup of sugar

Two Pumpkin Spice Mickey Waffles on a Holiday Plate | Disney's Very Merry Christmas Party Recipe

2) Ice Cream: Vanilla Bean is the flavor they use at the parties, but feel free to get creative here. Try flavors that compliment the spices like chocolate or coffee ice cream. Can’t go wrong with ice cream!

3) Sprinkles: Wilton’s Holiday Sprinkles is the classic brand that Disney uses and it’s pretty cheap on Amazon. I bought the combination pack with 6 different types of sprinkles and used the confetti and trees for the ice cream. Save the rest for sugar cookie decorations!

McCormick's Vanilla Extract and Walton's Holiday/Christmas Sprinkles

4) Sifted Powdered Sugar: Obviously any brand will do here. You can also top off your creation with some cinnamon and cardamom to make it extra pumpkin spice-y!

Mickey Shaped Pumpkin Spice Waffles with Ice cream, Sprinkles, and hot cocoa. Christmas Party recipe.

Mickey Waffle Maker Review: I found the waffle maker on Amazon for only 15.00, so I bought it on an impulse. Mickey did not disappoint. The waffles are thick, fluffy, and evenly baked. Only takes about 5 minutes to make a waffle too! I was weary at first, but I liked it even more than my heavy duty Oster waffle maker. I am unapologetically endorsing this highly important kitchen appliance. 😉

The Mini Mickey Waffle Maker - Size Comparison

Well, there it is! You’re very own slice of Disney all wrapped up in holiday goodness. Snuggle up with a blanket and a friend,  turn on A Muppet Christmas Carol, and have at it! Go crazy and grab a pumpkin spiced eggnog while you’re enjoying it. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Disney World's Very Merry Christmas Party Pumpkin Spice Waffle Copy Cat Recipe

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